Carports, trellises and pergolas

Whether a trellis, an elegant pergola walkway, or practical carport for your car: pergolas, carports and trellises are made of maintenance-free aluminium.

ZAUNZAR expertise does not stop at your property boundary. Trellises, carports and pergolas are part of our range, which are made of aluminium like our railings. Plants will be able to climb up them for years undisturbed, without the trellis weathering or losing its looks. All models are compatible which means they can be combined creatively to suit your requirements and style. The railing fence might become a leafy walkway and the trellis the railing if that’s what you choose. Every pergola, carport, or trellis element is unique. Everything can be worked out to suit your requirements, in terms of height, width and colour.


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